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Since 1978…

Shoes that accompany you everywhere.

After 43 years in the field of footwear and listening to the needs of the new era, we decided to expand our business to e-commerce. With the existing e-shop, we aim to continue to provide our customers with the best and highest quality shopping options for them

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Unique quality men's shoes from 100% leather


Lace shoes for men’s appearances that will stand out and take off your style. Choose from a variety of BRANDS brands such as BOSS SHOES, U.S. POLO, O’NEIL, GEOX, PEPE JEANS, WRANGLER, LUMBERJACK, STONEFLY, GUY LAROSCHE, GK UOMO, SOFTIES, SEA AND CITY that cover the needs and requirements of all ages and tastes for a good, leather, quality shoe.
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Selected shoes for every different style, point of view and occasion. The largest variety of branded men’s sneakers at the lowest prices. Discover everything!