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Caracas is not just a city

That's where it all started

Our company was founded in March 1978 in Thessaloniki by Vassilis Raptis. The distinctive title CARACAS comes from the capital of Venezuela, a country where V. Raptis lived and was active in the footwear trade for 20 years, before returning to Greece.

The business started as a retail store for men and women shoes, in a privately owned space (76 Mitropoleos) in the center of Thessaloniki. Very soon, however, it was decided to specialize in men’s shoes, making CARACAS one of the few shoe stores in our city that is addressed exclusively to the male audience.

Today the responsibility of the company has passed to the second generation of the family and specifically to Michalis V. Raptis, son of the founder. The principles that CARACAS had from the beginning and continue to this day are high quality, always affordable prices, the right service and above all respect for the customer.
Our store has a variety of BRANDS brands such as BOSS SHOES, U.S. POLO, O’NEIL, GEOX, PEPE JEANS, WRANGLER, LUMBERJACK, STONEFLY, GUY LAROSCHE, GK UOMO, SOFTIES, SEA AND CITY that cover the needs and requirements of all ages and tastes for a good, leather, quality shoe.
After a continuous course of 43 years in this difficult space and listening to the needs of the new era, we expanded our business to e-commerce, by creating an e-shop, in order to continue to provide our customers with the best and highest quality options. market.